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Volunteer opportunity in Saudi Arabia 2023

Volunteering opportunity in Saudi Arabia 2023 provides accommodation and is fully funded. Volunteering includes free meals and assistance in obtaining a Saudi visa. Registration is free.

Details of a volunteer opportunity in Saudi Arabia 2023

  • Host country: Saudi Arabia
  • The city in which the volunteering takes place: it varies according to the city to which you want to apply.
  • The donor for the volunteering opportunity: King Salman Center.
  • Countries available for application: All countries of the world are eligible to apply.
  • Academic stage for applicants: Available for all academic levels, including students, graduates, and diplomas.
  • Language Certificate: You do not need a language certificate when applying.
  • Registration Fee: There is no fee when sending the application.

Explanation of Volunteer Volunteer opportunity in Saudi Arabia

What is meant by volunteer work with the center? Voluntary work: It is the individual's making a humanitarian effort without an agreed-upon financial reward.

Voluntary work is one of the seven principles of humanitarian work, which organizations and agencies working in humanitarian work are keen to apply. The King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center is your way to healthy and fruitful volunteering, as we are keen to provide an opportunity for those wishing to volunteer, serve humanity, and maintain the development of societies.

What is the role of the King Salman Center for Relief and Humanitarian Action? The center is the external humanitarian and relief arm of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, through which you can provide your voluntary services with high efficiency.

Financing and features

Volunteering in Saudi Arabia includes the following:

  • Saudi visa assistance.
  • Free accommodation.
  • Free meals.
  • monthly salary.
  • Post volunteer support.

required files

Letter of intent or motivational letter.

How to apply for a volunteer opportunity in Saudi Arabia

  To apply for the opportunity to volunteer in Saudi Arabia, you only need to go to the application link from here, register for free and fill in your data and all the required information.

Application deadline

Now open until numbers are full.

Official links to apply

Apply now from here to volunteer in Saudi Arabia

The official announcement of the volunteer opportunity in Saudi Arabia